CETI Apprenticeship Program


CETI offers a four-year apprenticeship program, which combines both on the job and related classroom training.

If accepted into the apprentice program, apprentices are assigned to an electrical contractor for a minimum of 8000 OJT hours; there is no guarantee of 40 hours per week.  Apprentices will complete a total of 10 terms of school; classes are currently one day per week at the Carolinas Electrical Training Institute in Charlotte, NC.

A general description of work performed on the job includes the following categories:

  • Wiring of Residences, Duplexes, and Small Apartment Buildings
  • Wiring of Public, Commercial, School, and Hospital Buildings
  • Wiring of all Industrial Buildings and Equipment

Wiring of residences, duplexes, and small apartment building; necessary shop work and preparation

  • Wiring of public, commercial, school, and hospital buildings; the installation and repair of all equipment therein; necessary shop work and preparation
  • Wiring of all industrial buildings and equipment; the maintenance, repair, and alteration of same; necessary shop work and preparation
  • Wiring of systems that include sound, data transmission, telephone, fire alarm, fiber optics, energy management, closed circuit television, programmable controllers and nurse call

Apprentice wages are based on a percentage of the prevailing inside (general) journeyman rate in addition to benefits.